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Misfits – the show not the band

IFC started showing Season 1 of Misfits, a science-fiction drama TV series produced in the UK about a group of young offenders (some of which are typical English chavs who remind us of people we used to know in England…aww memories!) forced to work in a community service programme. They get supernatural powers after a weird electrical storm. It’s not super recent – channel E4 started airing the first season in November 2009 – but it’s new for us and we thought we’d just do a quick blog post about the show’s intro. Not only do we like the song used (Echoes by The Rapture), but we love the way they treated the typography and images to give them that a “rough” and “underground” look. The animation sequence is well done; we particularly love the bit where the cat jumps (of course!). It really pictures well the whole atmosphere of the show: dramatic but funny and absurd at the same time. The first time we saw it we were reminded of the cool picture below; we took it in an underpass somewhere in London a few years ago. We think it suits perfectly the Misfits and could have easily been used as part of their branding! If only the series producers had known; they could have contacted us and bought the right to the picture… E4 would have been a nice client to add to our portfolio… Anyways, watch it (IFC Canada – Wednesday @ 11 PM) and enjoy!

Our pretty 2011 Christmas cards!


This is the pretty YCD Happy Holiday card – 2011 Edition - that we designed for our clients & friends. It’s always great fun to spend some time doing design work for ourselves and to have carte blanche for all stylistic choices (including the choice of a reindeer photo amongst ALL the reindeer photos available in the whole world!). Thanks to a little print defect, our order was doubled by the printing company so we now have a few extra to spare… So if you haven’t received one and would like your own YCD 2011 Holiday Memorabilia drop us a line with your address at and we’ll be happy to mail you one.

Latest work! Zeste : un cadeau gourmand.

Certificat-cadeau | Magazine Zeste

Lucky people who will be receiving a subscription to Zeste (Quebec’s most delicious-looking food-related magazine) this holiday season will not only receive 4 or 8 issues of one of the best executed magazine in the province: they will also receive this beautiful gift certificate, designed by none other than us @ Yellow Car Design. We were commissioned by the magazine to create a print-at-home certificate for people buying the subscription as a present to give to their loved ones to let them know that they were now subscribers to Zeste. The deadline for the project was very tight but thanks to the great pictures that were submitted to us we were quickly inspired and designed something that looks good in next to no time!


Les chanceux(ses) qui recevront un abonnement à Zeste (certainement la publication culinaire québécoise la plus appétissante) en cette période des Fêtes ne recevront pas seulement 4 ou 8 numéros du magazine gourmand le plus haut de gamme de la province : ils recevront également ce joli certificat-cadeau, conçu par nul autre que nous, Yellow Car Design. Nous avions reçu le mandat de créer un certificat pouvant être imprimé à la maison par les gens qui achètent l’abonnement en cadeau; ils peuvent ainsi donner le certificat à l’être cher(ère) pour lui dire qu’il ou elle est désormais abonné(e) à Zeste. Nous avions très peu de temps pour compléter le projet mais grâce aux excellentes photos qui nous ont été soumises nous avons été rapidement inspirés et sommes arrivés à un très bon résultat en un temps record!

Steve Poses for Birthday Card

I like to use my design skills in real life, for example when it comes to creating birthday cards for people. I designed the one above for my goddaughter Arianne who turned 10 (already!) last week. Call me cheap, but I do find that paying $6-7 (ofter more for the very fancy ones) for a generic Hallmark card is way too much. Personally, I would also prefer to receive an homemade card, made “with love” and customized to my tastes rather than knowing that whoever bought the card just went to the card section of their grocery store and picked up any card for the sake of buying me one. However, I know that for some people homemade = ugly, but luckily, with our design craftiness we have the best of both world: we can easily create personalized, customized cards but design them in a way that make them look like real ones you’d get from a store. That’s what I did for Arianne’s card: I chose to use a picture of Attitude Steve because, of all our mascots, I think the little ginger fella is her favourite. I gave it a more grown up look by keeping the layout and font simple with black&white Helvetica and repeating the motif of a gift to add the birthday element. All that printed on a nice, thick, stock. Quick, easy, almost free and Arianne gets to have a picture of Steve!

Vick @ Yellow Car Design

Eco Art Exhibition @ Portage Bridge

I walked a different way to work this morning and by doing so stumbled upon an exhibition taking place at the underpass of Portage Bridge here in Ottawa. 12 large scale photographic artworks with an environmental theme are painted on the walls as part of the summer edition of the Eco Art project (earlier this year these same pictures taken by young photographers from all across Canada were displayed at Dows Gallery, on the Rideau Canal Skateway so you might have seen them there if you’re a Canal skater). It’s always nice to come across an art exhibition (regardless of if you like the art shown or not) when you don’t expect it – especially when it’s at a portion of a path known for being quite dodgy since it’s dark, sometime home to creepy-looking people and has bikes literally coming flying from every direction paying, as usual, no attention to us pedestrians! I actually had to risk my life dodging a dozen cyclists in order to take these pictures so I hope you’ll excuse the weird angles on some of them….Enjoy the exhibition :)

Vick @ Yellow Car Design